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I Saw Something - Case 3: Dark Corners of U.P. Diliman


When you see something, how can you be so sure that your senses were not playing tricks with you? Do you believe in ghost? I believe that ghost stories were just rumors used either to protect or to scare. And if the stories aren’t real, would you still believe it?

I’m Snow de Montesquieu, adventurer and an amateur blogger.  My goal is to track down rumors of ghost stories here in metro-Manila and prove if the stories were real are not.

My adventure brought me to U.P. Diliman. A famous school here in Metro-Manila with 493 hectares. A student here must ride a jeepney called UP IKOT to attend his next lesson.

Like other campuses here in the Philippines, U.P. Diliman has a wide range of tree lines beside, mostly in the parks which makes the place look scary even at day. Many students here believe that their school is haunted. During weekends, families from different places gather here at U.P. Campus to have fun with their love ones.

Among all the rumors, the most famous is the U.P. IKOT jeepney.

“A girl was on her way to her dorm and found herself alone in the ikot jeep. She was nearing her dorm and asked the driver to stop so she could walk but the driver kept driving and refuse to look at her at the rear view mirror. The driver took a different route and dropped her off directly in front of her dorm. Frazzled, she hurriedly left the jeep. The driver called after her and told her to burn her clothes when she gets home.

The girl looked at him and asked why. The driver answered: “When I saw you in the rear-view mirror earlier, you were headless.”

Reports said nobody knows who the girl was, who’s the driver, when did it happen and the plate number of the ikot jeep. So, I decided to look for another rumour about this haunted campus. 2 stories caught my attention - The Phantom Musicians of Abelardo Hall and The Creatures of Lagoon.

  • Phantom Musicians

“Like any college on campus, the College of Music has a set curfew when students are no longer allowed to stay. Security guards roam the college to check the grounds and see if there are still students in the building. Recently, some hear someone vocalizing, or playing the piano or the gamelan. They check the rooms to reprimand the students but find no one there.

If you find yourself passing by the college late at night, you might want to pause and listen. Who knows? You just might be lucky enough to hear a song or two. “

  • Creature of Lagoon

“2 students were walking in the middle of the dark trees of Lagoon when the 1st girl heard multiple laughs on the tree line. The other girl thought it was just their classmates pulling pranks to them until they saw 2 bright eyes moving up and down as if it was jumping and hides behind the creepy trees. Alarmed, they run as fast as they could towards their dorm.”

Among these stories; the ghosts of Abelardo Hall or the College of Music is one of U.P.’s most resonant ghost stories. I don’t believe in these stories, of course. So I pull up a team and headed to U.P. Diliman campus to prove if these two rumors were true.

13:41. we have arrived at U.P. Diliman entrance and decided to prepare for hours of truth hunting. The U.P. Diliman main entrance has 2 giant sculptures. As big as 3 bus combined together, these two sculptures is called Tribute to Higher Education of U.P. Diliman is an artwork of Napoleon Abueva.

My best Friend Fyro Heartnet (right) and a fellow blogger Elise agreed to accompany me for this adventure.

The three of us is currently living in Quezon City, the largest City in Metro Manila and the location of U.P. Diliman. After a quick review of our objectives, we immediately head towards the college of music.

I came in front of the building and heard melodious sounds of Viola and piano. I talked to the guard whose in-service guarding the Abelardo Hall’s entrance for 3 months. He asked me not to put his name in my findings but he agreed to give me a short background about the College of Music and some details that could help me. The guard told me that the building will still be open as long as the offices of are still functional. After the faculties and all the personnel leave the building, the guards will then check the rooms and politely ask the students to go home. He also told me that he heard the rumor about Abelardo Hall haunted by ghosts but never experienced it nor heard anything strange.

Feeling unsatisfied with what I’ve heard, my team decided to visit the next hot spot and return to Abelardo Hall at night.

15:47.when we arrived at U.P. Lagoon just across the road from College of Music. Like what I read in the articles, the lagoon is a large grass land with different kinds of trees. We walked towards the trees and saw white and creepy looking trees lined up from the road to the center area of the Lagoon. I think this is the “creepy trees” that the articles are talking about.

The U.P. Diliman Lagoon is the only body of water found on campus. The lagoon divides a wide expanse of grass land where several glades can be found. The area serves as a botanical reserve planted with Bamboo and trees like; Narra, Banaba, Kapok, Mahogany, Royal, Rubber, Acacia and Mango trees.

We stayed at U.P. Lagoon to summarize our findings and be back at Abelardo Hall at night to continue investigation. While analyzing the information we got, I can’t keep on thinking; if the article about the Abelardo Hall happened recently (let’s just say it happened almost a month ago) and  posted November 1, 2013 and the guard I talked to is in duty for 3 months, why did he told me that he didn’t experience it? He should be there when it all happened. Does this mean I talked to the wrong guard? Or he just simply doesn’t believe in ghosts. Is he hiding something? Or maybe those mysterious sounds were not heard recently but already months ago.

Some articles in internet about the College of Music came from an experience of a guard. Some came from the experience of the people passing by the college’s buildings. Something’s missing in this puzzle and I have to found it.

18:01 and its getting dark, my team and I decided to do a thorough sweep around U.P. Lagoon and College of Music to take pictures and record sounds. Fyro and Elise chose to roam the dark areas of U.P. Lagoon while I go to College of Music. Here are some of the pictures we got;

U.P. Lagoon at night

College of Music

While I was taking pictures of College of Music, I heard drumming sounds on the upper level of Abelardo hall. The drums bang without beat like it was played by a kid. I immediately run inside the Abelardo Hall. At the entrance, the guard allowed me to enter the hall but I have to leave the camera. Fearing that the sound will be gone, I left my camera and run towards the room on the upper level of the hall. Luckily I caught who’s making the noise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a ghost. There, I saw a janitor cleaning around 30 drums.

I approached the janitor to ask some question if there are instruments playing at night. Let’s just call him “Kuya Mike”. Kuya Mike told me that he’s working as a janitor in College of Music for almost half a year. If I happen to pass-by and heard banging sound of drums, it is surely him cleaning it. And as for the vocalization or some instruments playing, it was either the faculty or students practicing even at night.

The sounds heard from College of Music at night matched the information from the articles that came from people passing by near the college.

My theory is someone spread the rumor that the College of Music is haunted. And the person passing by hearing noises supports the rumor. To prove if my theory is correct I looked for another guard near the College of Music to ask. I found a second guard in his post on the other building near the Abelardo Hall. I asked the guard, “aside from telling the students to go home by reprimand, what are the other things that a guard will do?” I put a smile on my face so that he would think that I was asking for a not serious answer. He smiled back and say, “tinatakot naming yung mga estudyante para umuwi.” (We will scare the students to go home)

My theory is right. It all makes sense now. I suddenly realized the framework of the rumor why the story is very strong. There are two types of people involved in this case; the guards and the people passing by. The guards create the rumor to scare the students to go home and the people passing by will support the rumor by telling stories that they heard noises inside the College of Music even at night, which is originally created by the people inside the building either while practicing or cleaning the instruments because the college have no definite time to close.

18:47. with case finally solved, I walked back to see the other team I left at U.P. Lagoon. I texted Elise and ask their exact location. After receiving her reply, I immediately pushed towards the dark areas of U.P. Lagoon. I saw them waiting beside a tree. When I approach them, they reported 3 facts they’ve observed about U.P. Lagoon at night:

  • There are lots of people staying in the dark areas of Lagoon regardless whatever the reasons they may have.
  • There are always group of kids walking through the woods. And
  • Only concrete paths have lights.

With the information they gave me, I formed a theory about the creature of U.P. Lagoon;

I recall the article I read on the internet, a creature that laughs with multiple voices and has 2 bright eyes moving up and down as if it was jumping and hides behind the creepy trees. My theory is that those laughs were originally from kids walking in the Lagoon, moving shadows that look like someone is hiding behind a tree are people staying at night. What bothers me is the eyes, what are the things that look like bright eyes and moves up and down?

I looked at the pictures to see if they caught something with the camera. One picture gave me an idea.

This picture has multiple lines created by light of the road and camera capture while walking. But I need a source of light that moves up and down. Street lights don’t move. A light from a car moves but in a horizontal motion.

 I asked Fyro how they knew that those kids are coming. Fyro said, “They’re laughing. And the phones they’re holding are very bright and moving.”

That’s it. The creature in U.P. Lagoon is actually people spending the night in there. They’re having fun and usually walk in group. The 2 bright eyes that look like jumping are actually lights came from the screens on their phones that moves up and down synchronically when they walk. That solves the mystery of the creature in U.P. Lagoon.

Its funny how people often mistake something or someone as a threat when they’re scared. The ghosts in their heads become stronger each time they fed it with rumors. Fear comes from your thoughts. Ghosts come out when they sense fear. No fear, No ghost. This is the Stray Russian Blue. When you saw something, always think that your mind is quicker than your eyes.

I Saw Something Case 3

Story by: The Stray Russian Blue – Snow de Montesquieu

Special Thanks to:

  • Fyro and Elise Heartnet
  • To the Security Guards of U.P. Theatre and College of Music
  • “Kuya Mike”

Gadgets and gears by: Asilianna de Montesquieu

I Saw Something Case 3

U.P. Diliman…

-One of the haunted places in Metro-Manila. Students and teachers reported numbers of ghost sightings in almost all of its buildings even inside its jeeps; a group of musicians that can’t be seen, a headless passenger riding the jeeps, a mysterious creature that plays within the woods, and more.

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 Every day, I try to change the world. And every day, the world changes me.

-Snow de Montesquieu

Here are the five things that some people can’t simply understand that I observed.


I hate it when people around me become unfair. I hate one-sided persons. They only listen to the other side to draw conclusions leaving the other one alone and weak. It’s dangerous. It makes a person judgmental and blind. God gave us a pair of ears to listen not to only on the person on your left, but also to the person on your right. Some people are selfish, concerned only with themselves without thinking what problems they’re causing to others.


 The principle of Equivalent Rate is the rate of interest which would be equivalent to the nominal rate, after compounding at a different frequency of interest payment. In other words, there’s nothing you can get without equivalent payment. It has a similarity to the Law of Cause and Effect wherein the first event (cause) will turn into second event (effect) regardless whether it is beneficial or harmful consequence.


 I believe on the phrase “words can kill”. A simple word can turn your joyous life into its worst nightmare. I you scared a person; he might die in fear or simply die by committing suicide. Doesn’t it bother you if you think that was just a joke or simply don’t mean it and tomorrow, you’ll heard a news saying a suicidal happened and your name is written on the wall that goes like “ITS BECAUSE OF YOU THAT’S WHY I DO THIS!”. See how words can destroy a human life. Also similar to the scene where you’ve been fed by your mother who destroys your emotion, self-esteem and confidence by saying something painful inside each moment you put the spoon of rice in your mouth.


Some people said “there’re only three answers that God gives when you ask something from him. First, “yes”. Second, “it’s now for you”. And last, “Not now”. Patience is something people tend to lose easily these days. Without proper usage, Patience will disappear and causes the temper to urge the brain to function without analyzing critically. Like on a treasure hunt. The first guy on the trail dies first.


Each one of us has a right to speak and be heard. What is the use of the word “choice” if you don’t have a right to choose? The government gave us citizens a right to speak and express what we feel as long as it is neither hostile nor offensive to others. Know what other people can do without deciding, you might kill somebody or you might be killed someday.

Humans, when will you learn to use your head first before your heart?

The world is not unfair. It is the ones around you who are unfair. 

Insanity inside Me

Have you ever watched the movie Shutter Island? Or perhaps heard The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll? These stories share the same twist – The Protagonist has a mental illness and they’re also the Antagonist. Shutter Island is an American psychological thriller film starring Leonardo DiCaprio who’s a U.S. Marshall named Edward Daniels, investigating the psychiatric facility on the titular island and later finds out that the insane patient he was looking for is actually him. The story of Jekyll and Hyde is another type of mental illness called Dissociative Identity Disorder which is very rare. It is a story of a London lawyer named Gabriel John Utterson who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend Dr. Jekyll and his split personality Mr. Hyde. A patient with DID has two or more distinct personality and alternately take control of an individual.

Why am I telling you these? That’s because like them, I have a mental illness too. 2 years ago, I visited my friend psychiatrist who lives in Manila to ask about my mood unstableness issues. After a series of friendly interview and temper triggering interrogation, he told me that I actually have a BPD. He said that it came out when I was in high school. He also pointed things that might trigger my BPD and how to avoid it if possible. At first I wasn’t shocked on what I’ve heard until I slowly realized what I can unconsciously do to myself and to my friends when my BPD is triggered.

BPD stands for Borderline Personality Disorder. It is a cluster B personality disorder wherein a person with this type of mental illness may have an impulsive and risky behavior, risky driving, unsafe sex, gambling sprees or illegal drug use. We could also behave destructive actions, self-injury, and sometimes we’re feeling unable to change it. We usually have mood swings, short but intense episodes of anxiety or depression, inappropriate anger and antagonistic behavior which bring us to trouble, suicidal behavior, alone and hopeless,  feeling neglected and we could feel self-loathing.

After understanding what BPD really is, I became aware of what I’m capable of. My perfectionism and goal-oriented personality triggers my BPD by being disappointed on what I’m expecting to happen. I became really irritated and if I didn’t calm down, I could behave antagonistically. My mood swing can be seen distinctively. My normal self is boring, calm and doesn’t often talk but when my BPD triggers, everything will turn upside down which make others think that I have a split personality (DID).

 Of all the symptoms that I have gathered, I possess ten of them. These make me positive in Borderline Personality Disorder. Despite these circumstances, people find me a normal person with strange habits. I don’t know how to gamble and I don’t use drugs. I hate self-injury but when my adventurous characteristic gives me a pair of wings, I always remember that Adventure is boring without danger which makes me a risky biker and unafraid to get hurt. I hate suicidal minded persons because it makes me think that they are quitters. Sometimes I’m feeling alone but not hopeless. And as for self-hatred, I hate myself for having this illness.

Every time this psychological disorder attacks me, it reminds me what the psychiatrist once told me: “whenever it dominates your mind, try to deny it like it never existed”. I know denial will not entirely work but it is the only thing that keeps me attached in this sane world. 

Cautiousness and Paranoia

Paranoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself.

As I walk to the office, I keep on thinking “what are these people’s importances to my existence”. I’m walking here at the same path of the avenue, same time every day and they still stare at me like they own the place and what the hell am I doing here. I’m an introvert over-thinking Virgo, it’s typical for me to be like this and seriously, I don’t mind it because I will get used to it someday. A simple stare can mean many things to me but I carefully keep it inside my head than letting it out to avoid misunderstanding leading to trouble.

While walking, I heard two girls talking about a traffic police man. The other girl keeps on asking to her friend why the police man keeps on looking at her. Of course for the other girl, there are only two distinct reactions to this situation: one, She’ll react the same way as her friend by saying “really? That’s creepy” (Something close to that).  Two, She’ll just ignore it either in a nice or bad way by saying “stop thinking like that. You’re being paranoid”.

If you’re the paranoid girl in this situation, a simple stare can turn your day upside-down and you’ll blame the innocent police man whose job is to observe 360 degrees in his perimeter. If you’re a one-sided and a supportive friend, the conclusion would be that it is the police man’s fault for giving sleepless nights through staring. Yet, in this particular event it is clear that the paranoid girl is the problem.

How about the other side of the story?

As I said, we walked on the same avenue every day in the same morning. Me, the paranoid girl, her friend and the same police man; based on my daily observations, it is true that the police man looks at the paranoid girl every morning. What makes it funny here is that the police man might actually think the same way as the paranoid girl. He stares at the girl because the girl keeps on staring at him every day. A police man, especially on duty in the morning, becomes vigilant. The thing is, he’s cautious and doing his job but this girl came out staring at him every morning while he’s on the duty. Now, who do you think is the problem here?

There are neutral types of Cautiousness. Sensible Cautiousness is a moderately developed cautiousness. It is the capacity to act carefully. It is also a secretive way of hiding the intent to tell something or hide something from a person. In the other hand, we have Excessive Cautiousness wherein the act of being cautious becomes a negative energetic faculty. It is an overly developed cautiousness that stands for fear and shyness with procrastination, irresolution and indecision.

A good observant does not look only in one side. Paranoia is different from Cautiousness.


"Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that are not in present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Danger is very real but fear is a choice."

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